October 23, 2019

hey, separation plots are kinda cool

Ever since I first started learning about regression analysis, I found myself wishing I could do something equivalent to inspecting residuals for logistic regressions like you could with OLS. Earlier this week, I was looking around for more ways to spot-check logistic regression models, and I came across a plotting technique that’s described in this paper (Greenhill, Ward, & Sacks, 2011). They’re called “separation plots”, and they’re used to help assess the fit adequacy of a model that has a binary variable as its dependent variable. Read more

July 8, 2017

exploring NUFORC sightings

R code used for each of the graphics is available here. While flipping through an issue of the Economist a few years ago, I stumbled across an article summarizing UFO sightings reported across the US. It wasn’t a full feature, but the topic was playful and I lingered on it longer than I spent with the rest of the issue. Read more

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